Bills owner details how Rex Ryan firing went down

There’s something to be said for being direct. In Rex Ryan’s case, it hastened his departure as Bills head coach.

Kids Dan Hampton Jersey In an interview with The Associated Press, team owner Terry Pegula said it was an executive decision to fire Ryan during a Dec. 27 conference call that also included general manager Doug Whaley.
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Pegula said at the end of the call Ryan asked to speak with the owner privately. When Ryan asked specifically about his future, Pegula decided to pull the plug on Ryan’s tenure in Buffalo.
I was asked a point-blank question and based on the discussions we’ve been having all year, I felt it was better to tell Rex that we were going in a different direction, Pegula told the AP.

Whaley, who was retained by the owner, said Monday at a news conference that he was unaware of Ryan’s fate when he left the call something Pegula confirmed to AP.

The last play: Russell Wilson threw a 35-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse for a walk-off win in overtime. I did not know it was Kearse who caught the ball until just now, because I’ve only watched the play the one time.

Who I yelled at most: Wilson. Oh, I loved the four-interception, five-sack meltdown. This was all residual effects of the ‘Fail Mary.’

True story: I asked my future father-in-law for permission to marry his daughter the day before the game then tried to be on my best behavior while watching the game with those in-laws. They left shortly after all the multi-syllable choice words I had for all-things Giants after Donald Driver’s 90-yard TD reception in the second quarter. I didn’t have time to worry about that.

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