Marshawn Lynch could be the best version of Beast Mode thanks to Oakland

Game Mike Singletary Jersey Marshawn Lynch’s tenure in Seattle was one that every NFL fan could enjoy, even if they weren’t a fan of the Seahawks. He played as if his life was on the line, and he had to make it to the end zone every time he got the ball. The kicker was that he had fun while doing it, and he wasn’t going to change for anybody.

Game Dennis Byrd Jersey What’s driving the Tennessee Titans’ resurgence? Geoff Schwartz takes a closer look at the best red zone offense in the NFL and the man behind it, quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Last season, Mariota completed 62.5 percent of his red-zone passes, good for top five in the league. He’s yet to throw a red-zone interception in his two seasons, running his tally to 33 touchdowns against zero picks. This is all without a go-to red-zone receiver.

A good front office is one that knows how to surround its franchise player with weapons. In 2016, they were Murray, Henry, and Conklin. This offseason, the Titans drafted Corey Davis fifth overall, a big-bodied wide receiver for Mariota. The Titans also drafted a receiver in the third round and a tight end in the fourth. Lastly, they brought in free agent Eric Decker, another go-to receiver in the red zone. Mariota should be excited about this offseason haul.

As well as improving the offense around Mariota, the Titans upgraded their secondary that was piss-poor last season. Improved play on defense should equal better field position for the Titans offense and more points.

Everything is looking up for the Titans and Mariota. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Titans, behind their franchise quarterback, win the division and go deep into the playoffs.

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