It’s looking more and more difficult for Dallas to find its way into the playoff picture at this point — but there’s still a chance.

He finished the season with 63 catches for 560 yards and five touchdowns. It is the 14th straight season he has had at least 60 catches. Only Jerry Rice (17) and Tony Gonzalez (15) had more consecutive 60-catch seasons than Witten.

Witten, who is 35, signed a four-year extension with the Cowboys last March, but he has contemplated retirement the past two years.

“I know this: The burn is strong inside me to play at a high level and to be a part of one of these groups of guys and one of the leaders to see this thing through and go try to compete for a championship,” Witten said. “When I wake up tomorrow, that’s where my focus will be on as I move forward. It hurts because you don’t get a whole lot more opportunities at this and I realize that, but rest assured that I’m going to do everything in my power to help us be better as we move forward. And I think it needs to be clear that it starts with yourself.”

But there was a twist that emerged after the game. Chris Harris Jr. pointed out that Crabtree had given him an uppercut to the stomach the play before:

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It may have been the last gasp for the Dallas Cowboys as they fell to the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-9. They sit at 5-5 now, and would have to win five of their last six games to have any chance at all at making the playoffs. And even with some players returning from injury, that is not going to be easy in any way, shape, or form.
Last weekend’s weird set of results throughout the NFL was good news for the Chargers, who look like they’re still improving even into Week 12.
The Chargers are the only team in the AFC West that currently look like they are improving.

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