NBA trade rumors: Cavaliers pursuing multiple players, including DeAndre Jordan

The Cavaliers have been struggling lately, and they know something has to change.

According to the New York Times, Cleveland is pursuing separate trades for both Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and Kings guard George Hill. The report also says the Cavaliers have their eyes on Lou Williams.

What would be more beneficial for him and the Heat is if he develops a decent jump shot. The numbers haven’t been great for Adebayo in that regard, but his jump shot isn’t broken. He has a smooth release for someone his size, and he’s already knocked down more jump shots in 35 games with the Heat (18) than he attempted in 38 games at Kentucky (13).

Another encouraging sign: Adebayo has made 75.3 percent of his free throw attempts in the NBA. Together, it gives him a solid foundation to work with as he continues to expand his offensive game.

The Heat (27-20), who came into the game winners of nine of their past 11 games, were led by Hassan Whiteside, who had 22 points (16 of those in the first quarter) and 13 rebounds.

As for Capela, the Rockets center finished with 14 points and eight boards. Recall it was Capela who said Saturday after the Rockets beat the Warriors that Houston was now the better team.

That comment didn’t go unnoticed in the Warriors locker room. Kevin Durant threw some shade at Capela, saying Harden, Paul, Trevor Ariza and other Rockets had the tough jobs, but “Capela, catch and dunk every night, it’s pretty easy.”

Naturally, Capela had one of those “catch-and-dunk” plays on a nice lob from Harden.

DeMarcus Cousins put up some huge numbers in the Pelicans 132-128 double-OT win over the Bulls. Cousins had 44 points, 24 rebounds and 10 assists. According to ESPN, that’s only the 10th 40-point, 20-rebound, 10-assist game in NBA history.

Blake Bortles then throws an interception but the Jaguars get the ball back and send it to overtime on Josh Lambo’s field goal.

You’ve got the Jaguars at home giving 3 ? points to the Chargers and you think you just went up by four when Tayshaun Gipson picks up a fumble and runs 36 yards for a touchdown.

After a five-minute review, it’s ruled Gipson was touched down when he recovered the ball, though that evidence was not clear on the CBS broadcast.

Some day, the Browns will win an opener, but Sunday wasn’t that day. For the 13th year in row, the Browns lost their opener; however, they might actually be feeling hopeful after this one. Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer looked somewhat capable (20 of 30, 222 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) and the Browns defense did a good job of shutting everyone down (except for Antonio Brown). The Browns haven’t had much to cheer about over the past 18 years, so a 21-18 loss to the Steelers might actually be a small step forward.

The online and radio-syndicated “John Batchelor Show,” Wednesdays are devoted to Asian geopolitics. This past Wednesday’s included a chat with Barry Beck. The former Rangers’ captain has, since 2007, been the general manager and coach of the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (

If ESPN’s Jon Gruden ever asks for proof he talks too much, there was this, from Monday night: “If there’s one irreplaceable quarterback in this league, Aaron Rodgers is one of them.”

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on in Washington, but the only thing that seems clear is that the defense needs help. The defensive line needs work, even with the additions of Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain at defensive end.

No. 99 is arguably the only defensive tackle in football capable of winning with power or finesse on any given play. He shows extraordinary first-step quickness and combines it with some of the best hand skills that I’ve ever seen from an interior defender.

“If I’m starting a defense from scratch, I would typically want an edge rusher with outstanding potential, but Donald has forced me to re-think my thought process,” an AFC scout told me. “An interior defender with pass-rush skills might have a greater impact, because he is right in the quarterback’s face. If you can disrupt the game up the gut, it changes everything for the offense … That’s what Donald does for the Rams.”

“We bleed black and gold here,” said Sean Parnell, a Pittsburgh native and former US Army Airborne Ranger who served in the legendary 10th Mountain Division for six years, retiring as a captain.

“The Steelers are who we looked to as an example of achievement in the face of adversity, they were the ones who brought families and friends together every Sunday. They symbolized all that is good in us and it is hard to imagine a city in this country whose heart and soul is not more identified with their team than Pittsburghers are with the Steelers,” he said of what is affectionately called “Steeler Nation.”nike-youth-cardinals-092

The Saints are a very balanced and very good team.

No Elliott settlement … There has been speculation about a potential settlement between the league and the players’ union of the case involving Elliott’s suspension. But multiple people familiar with the case said Thursday that there is, in their view, little to no chance of such a settlement.

There is little reason, it seems, for the NFL to settle the case. The union secured a temporary restraining order this week to put Elliott’s suspension back on hold, keeping him eligible to play this Sunday at San Francisco and perhaps the Cowboys’ following game against the Washington Redskins.

It’s time to put aside the old notions about their suspect defense and lack of commitment to the running game. They can play defense. And they can — and will — run the ball. They overwhelmed a Bills team that had been playing very well at home for their seventh straight win.

The Rams have games left against the Vikings, Saints, Eagles and Seahawks. It should be pretty clear by the end of the regular season exactly how they measure up against the NFC’s other top contenders.

The Steelers emerged with the win in Indianapolis, but they simply have to play better. It shouldn’t be that difficult against the Colts for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

If you are contemplating using an early-round pick on Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, you are going to enjoy Saturday’s highlights of the rookie’s performance against the Titans in Nashville. The Panthers deployed him perfectly, utilizing him in the short passing game, getting him in space and letting him run as a featured back in the red zone (which resulted in a touchdown). The only downside is this means his ADP is going to go through the roof.

Tennessee has high expectations in 2017, but there were concerns about quarterback Marcus Mariota coming off a season where he suffered a broken leg. The first two series with Mariota against the dangerous Carolina defense was encouraging. Mariota, who suffered a broken leg late during the 2016 season, started against Carolina and looked sharp early over the course of several possessions.


NFL, Players Coalition reach accord to provide nearly $90 million to aid activism; anthem protests unresolved

NFL player representatives and league officials reached an agreement Wednesday night for the league to provide financial support to players’ community-activism endeavors, according to a person familiar with the deliberations.

Some owners believe that, if the protests last through season’s end, owners will act during the offseason to revert next season to the league’s pre-2009 policy of players remaining in the locker room before games until after the anthem is played, according to multiple people close to the situation.

“It was a big opportunity for me to show up and step up,” Luwawu-Cabarrot said.

The Sixers showed good depth early. Nine players scored in the first quarter, and they built a 53-37 lead before halftime.

After committing just three first-half turnovers, the Sixers threw it away 11 times in the third, and Middleton and Eric Bledsoe (14 points on 5-of-18 shooting) helped the Bucks rally to tie it.

Embiid responded with a dunk and a block on Bledsoe and a three-point play to end the third and give the Sixers an 84-80 lead.

Middleton was 9 of 20 from the field. It was his first double-figure rebounding game of the season.

“Regardless of our views, our disappointment and our frustration, we believe dialogue remains the only path forward; though our patience is being continually disrespected and is wearing thin,” the players’ statement Saturday said.

“As a result of what has unfolded and the league’s general posture, we propose an in-person meeting as an act of good faith …. This meeting will be hosted … with the goal of addressing our immediate concerns before additional progress can be made. Until the league publicly demonstrates its commitment to an actual process of listening to our grievances, we will continue to peacefully demonstrate for equality and justice for all.”

“We needed this win,” Murray said. “It was a division game and we had lost a few in a row. To come out here at home and get this W, it’s going to get us back started again.”

“What bothers me the most is I’ve got to make that free throw,” Lillard said. “We were in position to win. Everybody contributed to us being in that position and I’ve got to be able to shut the door on them.”patriots_026_b226a4c0ab8aee57-180x180

Dirk Koetter will keep his job, and Buccaneers players are happy about that

Winston added, “After the Carolina game [last week], Coach [Koetter] said, ‘If you guys play like that next year, no matter who is here, you’re going to do good.’ I broke it down and said, ‘Man, I’m tired of our coach giving us subliminal messages. Like, this is our coach. Let’s go out there and get a win for him.’ And we got it, right? That’s all that matters.”

Jay Jaffe: Boston. From a positional and age standpoint, Hosmer makes far more sense for the Red Sox than Martinez. It’s true that he’s never had two good seasons in a row, which makes him a big risk, but the more favorable hitting environment of Fenway Park could help level off his production. He’s one of the best in the game at hitting the ball to the opposite field, which in this case means taking aim at the Green Monster. The metrics don’t love his defense despite the four Gold Gloves, but I can see Dombrowski being more swayed by the hardware.

Stephanie Apstein: Even though Hosmer is a Scott Boras guy, I could see him staying in Kansas City. That has been a really good fit thus far and there are not too many holes at first base around the majors.

It’s not a shock that Mr. “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” would dodge a production meeting with ESPN. But Gruden’s love of the Oakland area and the Raiders are things that the new head coach definitely has in common with Lynch.

Gruden gave us some insight into himself during the presser, including the fact that he has a different perspective than other coaches.

“Somebody said I was insane a minute ago,” Gruden said. “It’s probably exactly right. I have a different mentality than most guys, I guess.”

Immediately, dozens of Twitter followers replied, offering up their log-ins, or links to free (but illegal) game streams posted on Reddit. When it comes to his viewing habits, the 21-year-old Lattimore is representative of the millennial generation, cord-cutters who find ways to stream live games online, or mooch off someone else’s log-in. Considering the four-year, $15 million dollar contract he signed last spring, Lattimore could surely afford a subscription to DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, the only (legal) way to watch every out-of-market game live. But, “It’s not worth it,” he says. “I’m still cheap.”

Vikings LB Anthony Barr still hearing it from Packers fans over Aaron Rodgers injury

bengals_050The Vikings still have a lot on the line with an 11-3 record, as Minnesota is just one game behind the Eagles in the race for home-field advantage in the NFC.

McMahon has also secured previously abandoned XFL trademarks and the WWE hasn’t denied the failed professional football league returning.

A report Friday night on Twitter said an announcement about bringing back the XFL may come next month.

Based on a conversation between McMahon and XFL co-founder Dick Ebersol that aired as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about the league, rumors about a potential revival do not come as a complete shock.

“Do you ever have any thoughts about trying again?” Ebersol asked McMahon (via Pro Football Talk).

“Yes I do,” McMahon responded. “I don’t know what it would be. I don’t know if it’s gonna be another XFL or what it may be or how different I would make it. It seems like in some way it would tie in either with the NFL itself or the owners.”

According to ESPN, WWE and its broadcast partner NBC lost approximately $35 million each on the league.

“‘You’re new. You’re pretty. You’ll be targeted. Be careful,’” McParland said Cantor told her when she began working at the network. “She was very clear that she didn’t doubt my professionalism, but that some of the talent were exceptionally aggressive and inappropriate when it came to sexual behavior in the workplace.”

McParland claims Irvin inappropriately grabbed her waist on the set of “NFL Gameday.”

It’s not the first serious allegation made against Irvin this year. He was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman in March in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but after the police investigated the incident and handed it over to Broward County, the district attorney’s office decided not to charge Irvin citing a lack of evidence.

It’s looking more and more difficult for Dallas to find its way into the playoff picture at this point — but there’s still a chance.

He finished the season with 63 catches for 560 yards and five touchdowns. It is the 14th straight season he has had at least 60 catches. Only Jerry Rice (17) and Tony Gonzalez (15) had more consecutive 60-catch seasons than Witten.

Witten, who is 35, signed a four-year extension with the Cowboys last March, but he has contemplated retirement the past two years.

“I know this: The burn is strong inside me to play at a high level and to be a part of one of these groups of guys and one of the leaders to see this thing through and go try to compete for a championship,” Witten said. “When I wake up tomorrow, that’s where my focus will be on as I move forward. It hurts because you don’t get a whole lot more opportunities at this and I realize that, but rest assured that I’m going to do everything in my power to help us be better as we move forward. And I think it needs to be clear that it starts with yourself.”

But there was a twist that emerged after the game. Chris Harris Jr. pointed out that Crabtree had given him an uppercut to the stomach the play before:

We had to establish good habits with him.A Collaboration between and Baseball Prospectus – Pitch classifications provided by Pitch Info LLC Romo has thrown 7 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf x system between 2008 and 2016, including pitches thrown the MLB Regular , the MLB Postseason, The World Baseball Classic and Training.autographed Steen puck look great displayed any room of your home or office.You got this position playing your heart out, having heart.He’s had some injuries, now, that he’s battling through.

It may have been the last gasp for the Dallas Cowboys as they fell to the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-9. They sit at 5-5 now, and would have to win five of their last six games to have any chance at all at making the playoffs. And even with some players returning from injury, that is not going to be easy in any way, shape, or form.
Last weekend’s weird set of results throughout the NFL was good news for the Chargers, who look like they’re still improving even into Week 12.
The Chargers are the only team in the AFC West that currently look like they are improving.

Army (9-3) earned its second straight win over Navy (6-6) following 14 straight losses in the series.

These negative trends will hit the brick wall that is the Jacksonville Jaguars defense in Week 15. The Jaguars had some early-season, rush-defense woes, but those have gone away of late, as Jacksonville ranked second in GBR allowed in Weeks 7-13 prior to holding Seattle’s running backs to only 16 points in Week 14. Miller will be a risky flex start in many leagues in because of this and could even find himself on the bench in a lot of fantasy matchups.

Thursday night’s game in Atlanta will air nationally on NBC and NFL Network. It’s the fourth of five Thursday night games that were scheduled to be televised on NBC throughout the season (not including the NFL season-opener) as part of the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” expansion package for 2016 and ’17. NBC also televised the Thanksgiving night game between the Giants and Redskins on Thursday, Nov. 23. CBS carried five Thursday night games earlier this year. In addition to CBS and NBC, NFL Network broadcasts every Thursday night game of the season.

“We’ve got seniors in there that went 4-8 as freshmen and 2-10 as sophomores,” Army coach Jeff Monken said. “Now they’ve won 17 games in the last two years. Really an incredible change.”

Buffalo Bills (+26%): Even though it looks like a tough road for Buffalo to reach the playoffs, their move back to QB Tyrod Taylor makes a big difference for their postseason probabilities. Still, the Nathan Peterman experiment cost Buffalo one loss that might be the difference-maker at the end of the season.

Minnesota Vikings (+16%): The seven-game win streak has lifted the Vikings from third place in their own division to second place in their conference. Notably, the last two wins over the Rams and Lions boosted Minnesota’s playoff probabilities. They can ensure a postseason berth with a road wins against Carolina and Atlanta.nike_redskins_1947

5 minor leaguer pitchers suspended for drug violations

Five minor league pitchers have been suspended for drug violations.

The commissioner’s office announced the penalties Tuesday.

Most improbable win versus Hornets: Yes, the Celtics rallied from 18 down on the road to beat the Thunder in early November and would twice come back from 17 down to beat the Warriors. But in between those games, Boston found itself devoid of stars when Irving absorbed an inadvertent elbow from teammate Aron Baynes and suffered a facial fracture against visiting Charlotte. Boston already was playing without Hayward and Al Horford (concussion). Stevens was left with a 12-man roster featuring seven players who weren’t in the NBA last season (six rookies and Shane Larkin, who played overseas). Somehow, Boston rallied from 18 down to keep its streak alive. If the league had decided to present Stevens with its Coach of the Year Award in the aftermath, few would have argued.

The Devils announced Wednesday that Palmieri was injured after being hit by a shot on Monday in a game at Minnesota.

The 26-year-old Palmieri had four goals and five assists in 13 games. He missed six games earlier this season after injuring his left foot in practice on Oct. 22. Since joining the team in 2015-16, he has 60 goals and 59 assists in 175 games.

Coby Fleener caught all five of his targets for 91 yards against Washington in Week 11. Despite the big performance, don’t feel the need to claim the Saints’ top tight end on waivers this week. Fleener entered the week with 196 yards and two touchdowns on the season. His 91-yard performance marked his highest yardage total since he put up 109 against the Falcons in Week 3 last season. Even after the big game, Fleener sits 25th at the position in fantasy points. He was out-snapped by both Josh Hill and Michael Hoomanawanui in five straight games entering Week 11 and has been on the field for only 37 percent of the Saints’ offensive snaps (51 percent of the pass plays) this season.

The defense also isn’t playing at the same high level as last season.

Anyone can rent the Kismet, and take it anywhere they want, for $1.2 million a week. “Plus expenses,” notes Olav Hinke, one of boat’s captains. That’ll all cover the ship’s 28-person full-time staff, including three chefs, who are there at your beck and call. Bill Gates took the Kismet to Cabo once.

Also: GM Les Snead was on a cold streak at the end of last season, when he barely survived the ax that got Jeff Fisher. But Whitworth was a superior signing. Sullivan and Woods have become major additions. Snead’s architecture and McVay’s could have the Rams in contention in December, and who’d have thought that would happen with a coach who gets carded in L.A.

Dowling bounced around a few more semi-pro teams and then moved to New Jersey and got into teaching and coaching both football and lacrosse; he is now the athletic director of Madison (N.J.) High.

For all of those men, the game stands out as one of the most memorable moments in their lives. For Taylor, however, the game is an afterthought in one of the most decorated careers in NFL history. Despite a dominant performance, he doesn’t “even think about that that game as far as career accomplishments, [because] the players didn’t belong on the field.” After it was over, several of the replacement players approached LT and asked for his autograph.

“Looking back, it was pretty funny,” Taylor writes. “It’s amongst the strangest games I have ever played in.”

What has gone right: Even Engram has provided the pass-catching punch New York has lacked at tight end since Jeremy Shockey’s heyday. The 2017 first-round pick leads all rookie right ends in receptions with 30 for 342 yards and three touchdowns.

What has gone wrong: Even before star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went down with a broken ankle in Week 5, the Giants had little offensive spark with Eli Manning getting battered behind a porous offensive line and lack of support in the running

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