Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had surgery to remove cancerous spot on kidney

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had a “small portion” of his kidney removed in February after tests revealed a cancerous spot on the organ.

According to the team’s website, Arians revealed the medical scare in his new book, “The Quarterback Whisperer,” which was released Tuesday.

Arians learned of the diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma in December when his doctor noticed a spot on an ultrasound taken during an examination of a hernia. The 64-year-old coach opted to wait until after the season to have it removed.

The Timberwolves were always going to be in the market for a free agent point guard this summer. The Ricky Rubio trade to Utah for Oklahoma City’s first-round pick in 2018 made that even more likely on Friday afternoon. It seems likely the Wolves did their due diligence beforehand on the best point guards of the class (George Hill, Jrue Holiday and Kyle Lowry), and they came away believing that Teague was their best bet in terms of signability and skill set.

Consider the trade like this: Rubio for Teague, that first-round pick and $3.5 million less in cap space this offseason trade (assuming, as I do, the team will use the typical eight-percent raise strategy in each year to structure Teague’s contract to conserve cap space). In that vein, I like it for Minnesota.

Teague is a better fit offensively than Rubio was ever going to be with Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins on the perimeter. Essentially replacing Rubio at the cost of Teague plus $3.5 million also allows them to stay in the market for elite power forwards with the existing cap space they have. Future money on a three-year deal isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. Because of the upcoming Wiggins extension and the Butler trade, the Wolves will be capped out following this summer.

32 teams have to leave whatever hard feelings they had of Young behind.

The super-agent has been back in the elite quarterback business for a couple years now (he represented Paxton Lynch in last year’s draft and has Pat Mahomes as a client for this year’s). Steinberg’s standing in the business was based on not dealing with clowns and knuckleheads.

Young has been both before. But observers taking note of his announcement of Young hiring him sent a message that Young may have left those days behind.

Next: 32 teams have to leave whatever hard feelings they had of Young behind. If they have … then they’d have to realize there are far worse options, some of which were in uniform last season.

Gase’s rising star as a “quarterback whisperer” guaranteed that would be his only year in Chicago, before being elevated to head coach and trying to tame Ryan Tannehill in ’16. Although Tannehill improved in some ways — throwing deeper downfield, making smarter decisions with the ball — his struggles with pressure still were there. In the end, while showing a higher ceiling, Tannehill’s play and production were closer to his floor.

In relation, Cutler was a much better Gase pupil, going away from many of his long-established bad habits. Tannehill’s development more inched along like it has since he entered the league.

Or does Fox censor Gaga by cutting to commercial? Or hit the mute button? Staying on the air might for another celebrity political rant might equally outrage fans who don’t want to hear about politics during the biggest sporting event of the year. The NFL’s passive acceptance of protesting political players such as Colin Kaepernick outraged some hard-core football fans who launched a #BoycottNFL movement this season. While the networks showed Kaepernick and other players kneeling during the national anthem at the start of the season, they gradually phased those shots out of their game telecasts.

NFL Draft 2017: Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon drafted by Bengals

While some NFL teams like the Dolphins and Patriots did not consider drafting Joe Mixon, the Bengals were willing to give the controversial Oklahoma running back a chance.

The former USC cornerback was drafted by the Titans in the first round, and while he’s certainly happy to be in the NFL, he tweeted his excitement about being in the popular video game as well. After all, since EA Sports discontinued its NCAA Football franchise, he’s had to wait to become an animated version of himself.

Jackson will probably be a popular player in the video game. His explosiveness makes him the exact type of player people love to use in the video game. He even said himself after being drafted how versatile he can be.

“I can do more than one thing on the defense — I can play outside, I can play inside. I can also return,” Jackson said, via the Titans’ official website. “And if I am needed on offense you can throw me out there whenever. I am just thankful the coaches at Tennessee believed in me and picked me up. I am fired up to go put a helmet on, put a jersey on, strap up the cleats and go out to practice right now.”

You may recall the spring of 2007, when the Patriots, fresh off the frustration of seeing the rival Colts win the Super Bowl, aggressively traded for wide receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker and signed a premium defensive free agent in linebacker Adalius Thomas. The Patriots went 16-0 that season with a record point total. They won another AFC title before they were upset by the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

New England in 2014 signed cornerback Darrelle Revis, which helped deliver that elusive fourth ring. In 2016, before the Patriots’ latest title run, tight end Martellus Bennett and wide receiver Chris Hogan were key additions.

What’s cooking with Arizona LB Paul Magloire?

Paul Magloire nearly took a completely different career path.

“If I could redo my whole life, I would have gone to culinary school,” the Arizona linebacker told Omnisport. “I would want to cook. I like cooking.”

Before Magloire left Arizona to visit the Giants last week, he prepared a couple of ribeye steaks so they’d be ready to throw on the grill when he got home.

1. Bill Belichick genuinely doesn’t know the the names of any social media platforms
He knows social media platforms have a “Face” on the end or start of their names. He thinks it’s possible the face belongs to somebody.

But he really just doesn’t care to actually know what it is, and has never put in the energy to find out. He kinda guesses at the names of these sites based on what he hears other people saying, much like a confused grandparent, and that’s how we get these mashups.

2. Bill Belichick knows exactly the names of every social media platform and intentionally combines their names to make it look like he’s out of touch when really he’s an omniscient wizard who understands everything about everything

Maybe the best thing the offense has going is that the bar isn’t that high — after all, even with Pumphrey, SDSU ranked 79th and 70th in Off. S&P+ the last two years. SDSU has flipped the old truism around: the best offense is a good defense, and SDSU’s defense has been awesome.

Each level of the defense has a couple of impressive players to replace — ends Alex Barrett and Kyle Kelley, linebackers Calvin Munson and Austin Wyatt-Thayer, corners Damontae Kazee and Kalan Montgomery, safety Malik Smith. But we’ve already seen the replacements, and aside from the glitch against Colorado State, the unit held steady.nike_jaguars_1750

The 76ers are one win away from tying their win total from the previous two seasons combined.

For Fultz, the ideal NBA situation would be to sign with a team on the rise that doesn’t have much competition at point guard and can throw the maximum possible amount of money at him.

The 76ers are one win away from tying their win total from the previous two seasons combined. With the dynamic yet oft-injured Joel Embiid, Philly has a building block for the foreseeable future. The 76ers still haven’t seen No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons touch the floor, and the Colangelos only have $35 million in guaranteed contracts for next season. This is a perfect match.

The advantage of pace for a team like Ohio State: Forcing your less-talented opponent to out-execute you as many times as possible.
When you combine that with spread spacing, you raise the stakes for every outcome and can double down every time you out-execute the defense.

This is particularly relevant along the line, where a team like Ohio State should have the kind of athlete most teams can’t find, although this is frustrated by the difficulty in evaluating high school OL.

Just imagine that executed for a blue-chip Buckeye WR, with future NFL linemen advancing into open grass to lead block, and you can see why this would be a nice complement to the existing Meyer offense. Ohio State does have screens, but they’ve never been as devastating as Wilson’s. Meyer prefers to use the QB option game, rather than screens or play-action, as a constraint (a play that prevents the defense from loading up to stop the offense’s basics).

The Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles asked, and fans said no.

An indoor football team in Salt Lake City called the Screaming Eagles posed a controversial question to its fans yesterday: Should the team sign former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy? The fans responded, and the answer was no.

Crowdsourcing personnel decisions is a slippery slope in general, but at least in this case a small majority of Screaming Eagles fans opted to pass on Hardy.
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It’s somewhat fitting that it took so much to end such a long streak.

The Red Wings’ streak lasted from 1991-2017. Along the way, Detroit visited the Stanley Cup Finals six times and paraded through downtown Detroit with the most hallowed trophy in sports four times. Those 25 years of success turned the Red Wings into one of the most iconic franchises in American pro sports, let alone hockey.
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But the fall from grace was inevitable for a while now, as aging veterans like Johan Franzen, Henrik Zetterberg, and Pavel Datsyuk all retired or saw significant decline in their play. The Red Wings relied on savvy drafting to keep the streak alive, but the prospect pool has dried up as their Eastern Conference rivals leapt ahead.

A rebuild is past due, but 25 years is a heck of an accomplishment. The streak’s end finishes off a truly transitional year for the franchise. The Red Wings are moving out of Joe Louis Arena after the season, and long-time owner Mike Ilitch passed away earlier this year.

Detroit has issues on defense and gets one figured out in the first round.

As is often the case, the Detroit Lions have few needs on offense. On defense, however, you can find several holes on a team that failed to generate an outside pass rush in 2016. Detroit also needs to draft at least one starting-caliber linebacker this year and bringing in DJ Hayden shouldn’t be all the team does at cornerback.

For Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit, he has a chance in the first round to figure out one of those needs.

Reisman: The board couldn’t have fallen much better for the Detroit Lions. Detroit needs serious help on defense and the last five picks were all offensive skill players. The Lions are left with their choice of several players worthy of the 21st-overall pick: Haason Reddick, Taco Charlton, Zach Cunningham, or Takkarist McKinley.
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While Reddick and Cunningham fill a more pressing need at linebacker, I ended up picking Charlton for one simple reason: He is the best defensive player on the board right now.

They could also get more out of four-star class of 2015 guard Kenny Williams, who was efficient off the bench before a knee injury ended his season in February. They should also get more throughout next season from rising junior forward Luke Maye, who went from steady bench piece to Carolina folk hero during the tournament regional final.
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When you’re North Carolina, you’re able to build up impressive depth over years and years. The Heels will lose several of their best players, but the cupboard is stocked well. The talent they’ll add next year won’t have to carry the load for this team to be a high tournament seed and threaten to make yet another run in March.

Stephen Ross addresses media on Dolphins bullying allegations

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross addressed the media in a press conference prior to Monday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He elaborated on the bullying scandal his team is embroiled in, as well as offering more information on the team’s plans moving forward. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald collected much of the press conference on Twitter.

The organization is currently being examined by the NFL to see if there are any other improprieties that are causing hostility in the workplace. Ross plans to meet with Jonathan Martin this week to understand his side of the events that led him to leave the team. Ross chose to avoid any definitive judgement on offensive guard Richie Incognito, saying he wanted to “wait to hear all the facts.”

Ross said there would be no “racial slurs of bullying” in his workplace moving forward. To achieve his goal he is putting together an independent team charged with creating a new code of conduct policy that would be developed “for the 21st century.” This group includes Tony Dungy, Don Shula, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Curtis Martin — three prior members of the Dolphins’ organization with Dungy and Martin serving as outside advisers.

Incognito held his first interview with Jay Glazer for Fox Sports on Sunday in which the offensive guard said his interactions with Martin “came from a place of love.” There has been no official statement from Martin at this time outside of releases by his lawyers to clear up what they allege to be misconceptions about their client.


Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey served grand jury subpoena as part of Aaron Hernandez investigation

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was served with a grand jury subpoena by the state of Massachusetts following his team’s 27-17 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, according to Pete Thamel and Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated.

The subpoena was issued as part of the investigation into Aaron Hernandez and his potential involvement in interstate gun trafficking. The fact that Pouncey was served papers does not mean that he is being charged with a crime, just that he is viewed as a witness who could strengthen authorities’ case against Hernandez.

Hernandez was indicted on murder charges in August in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Pouncey and Hernandez played with one another at the University of Florda. He was also seen wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat back in mid-July.

Pouncey and the Dolphins both declined comment on the incident on Sunday, and Pouncey traveled home with the team.

At this point, Jacksonville is looking for small things they can build on moving forward. The 2017 season is lost, but head coach Gus Bradley should be happy with the lift in his offensive line play against the 49ers. For the first game this season, the Jaguars didn’t surrender a sack and while that doesn’t seem like much, it’s a building block. If the offensive line can continue to grow, a new quarterback will have a chance with two good receivers in Cecil Shorts III and Justin Blackmon.

Despite their minus-13 goal differential — a respectable mark for a relegation battler — they’re six points from safety and appear to have fewer good players than the teams above them. What once looked like a wide-open relegation race is slowly becoming a dull one.18

NBL play of the gameNBL play of the game

TERRANCE Ferguson had lived away from home for more than six months, so he knew exactly what his first stop would be when he arrived back in Dallas, Texas.

“First thing I’ll do; I’ll probably go to Whataburger,” the 2017 NBA Draft hopeful told Overtime, Fox Sports Australia’s NBA podcast.

The 18-year-old has an almost obsessive relationship with the fast food restaurant chain, and will make sure to satisfy that desire as soon as he lands on American soil.

After that — and after a week-long break from basketball — Ferguson’s plan is to get back to work.

“I’ll get right back into it,” he said.

Bogut will make a decision in the next 24 hours.

Here’s what the media in each of those markets is saying about Bogut and the likelihood of recruiting him for the run to the play-offs.

Adam Himmelsbach, writing in the Boston Globe, cited a league source as saying reports Bogut had already decided to move to Cleveland “are inaccurate, and that the Celtics are very much in contention”.

The Celtics are currently placed second in the Eastern Conference with a 38-22 record, four games behind the Cavs.

Himmeslbach wrote: “Bogut may even speak to a few Celtics players over the phone on Tuesday to get a gauge on how he might fit with their team, the source said.”

He added that “the extent of the Celtics’ interest in Bogut was not immediately known” but added “… perhaps Bogut could have the impact the Celtics are seeking”.

He knows the defending champion Cavaliers face a long road and many challenges to make June’s NBA Finals.

“It doesn’t,” James said, when asked by reporters in Boston how Bogut changes the team.

“Our process is the same.

“How can we get better every day and put ourselves in a position so we can compete for a championship?

“It’s the same storyline.”18

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