It is unclear if Ainge will move on from Crowder in exchange for Anthony.

In trade talks with both the Chicago Bulls for Jimmy Butler and the Indiana Pacers for Paul George, two All-Star forwards each younger than Melo, Ainge was reluctant on giving up Crowder, his hard-nosed, versatile defender and three-point shooter.

Jackson said he wants a significant player in return for any deal involving Anthony. The Celtics also have Marcus Smart, rookie Jaylen Brown, and second-year guard Terry Rozier as rotational players.

Boston would also need to renounce its expiring contracts — Amir Johnson ($12 million), Tyler Zeller ($8 million), Jonas Jerebko ($5 million), Gerald Green ($1.4 million) — to fit in Anthony’s contract.

Adding an offensive weapon to a team with defensive deficiencies could prove counterintuitive, but Boston needs star power to get over the hump, and Anthony could be a realistic option when the trade market reopens.

Elite Womens Vince Wilfork Jersey The King is now 12-0 in his career in first-round series and won each of his last 21 first-round games, dating back to his four straight trips to the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat. All-time, James is 48-7 in the opening round of the postseason and has swept his opponent seven of his 12 trips to the playoffs. It’s a remarkable run capped off by an impressive dismissal of a Pacers team that rallied at the end for their playoff lives.

We like to keep things fresh with our weekly NBA mock drafts. The best way to do that is to randomize the order for each projection until lottery finally goes down on May 16.
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The Lakers won our initial fake lottery draw. The Knicks came away with the No. 1 pick the second time we did it. Last week, the Sixers got the top pick and the Lakers’ pick by virtue of it falling outside the top three.

John Wall taunts Julio Jones as Wizards beat Hawks in Game 6

John Wall led the Wizards to a Game 6 win on Friday night in Atlanta, sending the Hawks on vacation for the summer. He finished the night with 42 points and eight assists, including Washington’s last 13 points of the game. The Hawks made an effort to come back in the fourth quarter, but John Wall shut it all down by himself. Which gave him full reign to send a little taunting in the direction of Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons.

John Wall said after that game that he had told Jones, I was gonna get 35 or more, and I got 42. So it worked out perfectly. Tough 2017 so far for Atlanta sports fans.

Authentic Kids Andrew Cashner Jersey The good thing about the second round is that none of these teams would really be plunged into crisis with defeat. I mean, the losers may make some real changes (especially in the face of blowouts). But there are no referenda of the teams’ very existence as we saw with the C’s, Clippers, Raptors, Hawks, and Pacers in the first round. Now, it’s just basketball.
Authentic Kids Reggie Jackson Jersey
True, but I do think the Raptors (and the Celtics to some extent) are still on the clock. If the Raps get dusted by Cleveland in five games, can they really afford to pay everyone? On paper, I liked their chances, but then Game 1 happened and I’m reminded of just how hard it will be to take down Cleveland. Just give me one game where the Cavs need to play up to their potential to win. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

I’d also like to talk myself into Utah giving Golden State a run, but I think the Dubs are peaking at the right time. You see anything so far that makes you think we’re not getting Round 3 of the Cavs-Warriors in the finals?

JuJu Smith-Schuster will bring grit to the Steelers locker room

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected USC’s JuJu Smith-Schuster with the 62nd pick in the 2017 NFL draft — grabbing him at the tail end of the second round. The 20-year-old receiver brings toughness, reliable hands, and solid route-running to Pittsburgh’s receiving corps.

JuJu Smith-Schuster isn’t a speed demon like some of the other receivers in this draft class, but he provides an element coaches want out their receivers: grit. He isn’t afraid to battle for 50-50 balls, run routes over the middle of the field, or deliver bone-crushing blocks. At 6’2, 216 pounds, he has the size to shield defenders from the ball and snag it. His play style is Anquan Bolden-esque.

Pittsburgh should be excited about selecting Smith-Schuster because he plays with intensity and loves to get physical with defenders. He’s also an excellent run-blocker.

During his three-year stint in Southern California, Smith-Schuster hauled in 213 passes for 3,092 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Cook’s scouting report is simple. He’s a home run threat every time he touches the ball.

He shredded Louisville in the play above, and defenders across the ACC can attest to his ability to break runs to the sideline and leave safeties in his dust. Once he finds a hole, he’s gone, as his overall stat profile shows.

Not only is Cook difficult to bring down, he’s a fast straight-line runner who understands angles and gives opponents the smallest possible window to tackle him. His numbers highlight that ability. He had three rushing plays of more than 70 yards in 2016 and four in 2015, leading the nation in both seasons in the category.nike_cardinals_1420

His cousin told his girlfriend as they were watching that Ross was going to break the record.

Butt isn’t a premier athlete, so he’s never going to be a Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham kind of presence in the NFL. He’s fast and shifty enough to break off many linebackers in college, but he may struggle against higher-profile players at the next level. His surgically repaired knee and his inability to work out at the combine or Michigan’s pro day have only heightened that concern.

He’s a solid presence on the offensive line but not the kind of standout who handled run-blocking duties so well his transition isn’t in question. He’s stiff as a runner when it comes to moving laterally, which will have repercussions as both a receiver and blocker in the NFL. He’ll be an asset chipping blitzing pass rushers as they hit the line of scrimmage, but he has plenty to prove.

Jordan Norwood Mens Jersey Butt is an interesting pick, as his knee injury will prevent him from playing up to his full potential in 2017. As a result, his rookie year is an essential redshirt year even if he doesn’t recover quickly and see the field this fall.
Dustin McGowan Mens Jersey
Speed was what got Ross into playing football, which goes for a lot of people. But his speed was another beast. The 40-yard dash record was thought to be so unbreakable, that Adidas offered the player who broke it their own island.

Ross didn’t get the island, but he got the record.

His cousin told his girlfriend as they were watching that Ross was going to break the record. The speed was so fast that his grandmother said she almost had a heart attack. She knew the record was coming, though.

Now, he’s Mr. 4.22, and soon to be playing on Sundays for one lucky NFL franchise.

Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu got a surprise note from a family who shared his flight

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu made an impression on a family sitting behind him on a flight. The family was so impressed by Sanu that they wrote him a note thanking him for being a good influence on their son.

Sanu, who played at Rutgers, was on his way to New Jersey for his alma maters spring game. The family behind him was taking their son to Connecticut for hockey training.

Authentic Youth KeiVarae Russell Jersey Sanus teammates have said that hes the biggest trash talker on the field, but its always in good fun. Hes also one of the friendliest players in the Falcons locker room, and he set a memorable example for this young hockey player.

Green-Beckham was one of the nations highest-rated recruits coming out of high school, but never had the kind of NCAA impact expected of a five-star athlete. He spent two seasons at Missouri before being dismissed from the program due to legal issues, gaining fewer than 1,300 yards through the air in the process. He spent the next season on Oklahomas sideline due to NCAA transfer rules, then declared for the 2015 draft where the receiver-starved Titans snapped him up.

Authentic Youth Laken Tomlinson Jersey Tennessee expected him to be their next Derrick Mason. He wasnt even Kendall Wright. Despite showing flashes of brilliance, he was traded to the Eagles for sixth-man offensive lineman Dennis Kelly in 2016. Green-Beckham may still develop into an All-Pro, but it wont be for the Titans.

What’s cooking with Arizona LB Paul Magloire?

Paul Magloire nearly took a completely different career path.

“If I could redo my whole life, I would have gone to culinary school,” the Arizona linebacker told Omnisport. “I would want to cook. I like cooking.”

Before Magloire left Arizona to visit the Giants last week, he prepared a couple of ribeye steaks so they’d be ready to throw on the grill when he got home.

1. Bill Belichick genuinely doesn’t know the the names of any social media platforms
He knows social media platforms have a “Face” on the end or start of their names. He thinks it’s possible the face belongs to somebody.

But he really just doesn’t care to actually know what it is, and has never put in the energy to find out. He kinda guesses at the names of these sites based on what he hears other people saying, much like a confused grandparent, and that’s how we get these mashups.

2. Bill Belichick knows exactly the names of every social media platform and intentionally combines their names to make it look like he’s out of touch when really he’s an omniscient wizard who understands everything about everything

Maybe the best thing the offense has going is that the bar isn’t that high — after all, even with Pumphrey, SDSU ranked 79th and 70th in Off. S&P+ the last two years. SDSU has flipped the old truism around: the best offense is a good defense, and SDSU’s defense has been awesome.

Each level of the defense has a couple of impressive players to replace — ends Alex Barrett and Kyle Kelley, linebackers Calvin Munson and Austin Wyatt-Thayer, corners Damontae Kazee and Kalan Montgomery, safety Malik Smith. But we’ve already seen the replacements, and aside from the glitch against Colorado State, the unit held steady.nike_jaguars_1750

Texans QB Tom Savage possibly throws shade at Brock Osweiler

Game Youth Travis Swanson Jersey The Texans quarterback said Monday (via the Houston Chronicle) he expects the team’s quarterback room to be fun and peaceful this year. Basically, no fights or drama.

Osweiler, the former starter for Houston, butted heads numerous times with coach Bill O’Brien and other members of the staff. That included some well-publicized shouting matches between Osweiler and O’Brien.

The accident comes one day before Isaiah Thomas will lead the Celtics into the NBA playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference against the Chicago Bulls.

Thomas, 28, had a breakout season for the Celtics in his sixth year in the league. He finished third in the NBA in scoring at 28.9 points per game. Boston placed first in the East at 53-29.

We are terribly saddened by the tragic loss of Chyna Thomas, the Celtics released in a statement. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Celtics organization are with Isaiah and his family. His style, incidentally, is not my favorite. I prefer the smooth contours of Hardens game to Russ rough edges. Westbrook has my vote even though Harden has been more efficient in the classic definition of the word. No matter how you choose to split that metric atom, Westbrook has been just as productive, if not more so.

TNTs Ernie Johnson began Sundays program by offering his condolences to the Thomas family. His pursuit of the mystical, ethereal triple-double galvanized his support, but that was not enough to sway me completely to his side. The triple-doubles were merely a byproduct of his efforts even as they took on a life of their own.

Limited Omer Asik Jersey

The Raptors weren’t facing a player of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s caliber last season

That was just one game, not seven. And Toronto did win its first two series last season despite losing Game 1 at home. But unless Lowry gets back on track quickly, this could be a different story.

The Raptors weren’t facing a player of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s caliber last season. Toronto wasn’t facing such a strange, idiosyncratic defense. The Raptors can absolutely lose this series if Lowry doesn’t get Toronto’s usually excellent offense on track immediately.

Lowry has a valid excuse for his poor play: he just returned to action after February surgery on his wrist. He’s allowed to be rusty. He’s allowed to adjust his game as necessary. But Antetokounmpo, the Bucks, nor fate will go easy on him because he’s recovering from injury. That’s not how basketball works.

The basketball world is watching how the Bucks and fate treat Lowry in this series mighty closely.

The difference between a nifty jumping catch and an inside-the-park home run for Brian Dozier was a matter of inches, as you can see in this video from Sunday.
The 10-year anniversary of “Here comes the pizza!” was this weekend, and if you haven’t read Grant Brisbee’s breakdown of one of baseball’s great moments, you should.
Elite Womens Bo Horvat Jersey Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew is alive because of an organ donation from a former NFL player, as you’ll read in this touching story.
Limited Mens Ron Parker Jersey Subscribe to Say Hey, Baseball

Sorry, die-hard WWE fan, but WrestleMania isn’t just for you

Are you a WWE fan? Actually, let me be a bit more specific.
Authentic Mens Chris Chester Jersey
Are you a die-hard WWE fan? The one who has a subscription to the WWE Network and watches all of their pay-per-views? Ever since the roster has been split into distinct brands, there are too many pay-per-views to keep count, and the names all become one abstract blur (Hello, Roadblock: End of the Line). Then there’s also the NXT roster, the cruiserweights of 205 Live, and the British competitors from the United Kingdom Championship tournament: all tertiary story lines within the WWE Universe. If that wasn’t enough, there’s always the network’s original shows. Oh, and then there are RAW and Smackdown Live to keep up with.

If you are one of these fans who devote that much time to professional wrestling, congratulations! You have all those hours of content to enjoy. A seemingly unlimited amount of pro graps isn’t daunting to you; it’s a welcomed challenge. All you have to do is turn on your TV or computer and relax.

Kids Karl Klug Jersey However, there is one caveat in this. Most of WWE’s shows are meant to culminate, in one way or another, in this Sunday’s WrestleMania 33. And that, unfortunately, is not for you.

But there’s another side to it. When we fail at something, when we face disappointment in life, we want someone to bail us out – we want the win despite our failures. Bank executives take dangerous multi-billion-dollar risks that blow up in their faces? No big deal, the taxpayer will pony up for your bonus! You get into a car wreck because you were texting on your phone? Don’t worry, the insurance company will cover it.

The 76ers are one win away from tying their win total from the previous two seasons combined.

For Fultz, the ideal NBA situation would be to sign with a team on the rise that doesn’t have much competition at point guard and can throw the maximum possible amount of money at him.

The 76ers are one win away from tying their win total from the previous two seasons combined. With the dynamic yet oft-injured Joel Embiid, Philly has a building block for the foreseeable future. The 76ers still haven’t seen No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons touch the floor, and the Colangelos only have $35 million in guaranteed contracts for next season. This is a perfect match.

The advantage of pace for a team like Ohio State: Forcing your less-talented opponent to out-execute you as many times as possible.
When you combine that with spread spacing, you raise the stakes for every outcome and can double down every time you out-execute the defense.

This is particularly relevant along the line, where a team like Ohio State should have the kind of athlete most teams can’t find, although this is frustrated by the difficulty in evaluating high school OL.

Just imagine that executed for a blue-chip Buckeye WR, with future NFL linemen advancing into open grass to lead block, and you can see why this would be a nice complement to the existing Meyer offense. Ohio State does have screens, but they’ve never been as devastating as Wilson’s. Meyer prefers to use the QB option game, rather than screens or play-action, as a constraint (a play that prevents the defense from loading up to stop the offense’s basics).

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